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Wireless Indoor Dog Fence Kit - IB100

Hidden Fence brand wireless dog fence or dog avoidance fence is a portable/ rechargeable Indoor Solution can be used to protect a room or area you want your pet to avoid. You can even use the wireless dog fence near doorways to prevent your dog or cat from bolting out the door or jumping on guests when they arrive.

The IB100 Wireless Dog Fence is a professional product with the same engineering focus as our containment solutions for outdoors.

Each IB100 can be programmed to work with the Hidden Fence M7 and R9 dog fence receiver collars manufactured by DogWatch, inc.

Product Features:

  • Wireless Rechargeable Dog Fence – Adjustable signal field (0.2m – 3m diameter)
  • Includes AC adapter (for use in areas near an electrical outlet)
  • Includes rechargeable battery pack (charged by AC adapter)
  • 4k & 8k frequency setting options
  • Receiver Collar with a lifetime warranty to suit any breed of dog or cat
  • Collar Size
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  • saft-ls-14250-3-6V-768x576