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Premium 1:1 dog training:


  • One to one teaching
  • Technical instruction on how and why your dog does what it does
  • A method customised for your individual dog
  • A detailed explanation of the canine brain
  • A reference guide to remind you of everything you have been taught by IN2K9
  • IN2K9 will only use techniques on your dog that you fully understand and permit. If there are any ongoing problems with issues dealt with during the consult IN2K9 offers you 6 months back up and support.  Provided you are following the recommendations given to you by IN2K9, we will have on going support via phone or email. In the case we cannot help via those avenues we will happily come back for free to help in your home.
  • 6 months backup and phone support 

    Once paid we will be in touch within 24hours to discuss session dates and times. Our Premium 1:1 service is a 24hour service but key training dates sell out fast! This offer is for Geelong and surrounds only. If you are from an outer location please click below.


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  • TEK6800 BR