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IN2K9 was founded by Paul. Previously known as Paul the Dog Trainer. Paul has a fantastic reputation and is known for not only his love for animals but his care and compassion for lost and deceased pets. Helping owners around the Geelong area be reunited with their pets. Paul has been a professional canine behaviour specialist for a number of years but it didn't always start out that way. He was chased by a Bull Terrier on a bike when he was around 9 years of age. This event caused quite a lot of stress on Paul and since then he was afraid of dogs. This fear started to take over his life whereby he would cross the road when he saw a dog or avoid friends homes when they had a dog. 

He then decided it was time to cure his fear and the best way to do this was to learn about dogs, what makes them think, act and behave. This eventually led to where he is today with an outstanding reputation for training dogs, modifying their behaviour and turning previously unrulely, misbehaving dogs into happy, obedient and loved family pets.

With formal study out of the way, Paul is regularly mentored by Grant "The Paw Man" Teeboon. Grant has been training dogs in the RAAF for 33 years and only recently retired. Grant was a trainer, instructor, assessor and developer with the Royal Australian Air Force. He was a Police Dog Handler for 33 years with the RAAF and has an extensive reportiore. 

IN2K9 Pty Ltd is much more than dog training. IN2K9 is a complete canine solutions company.

We offer dog training, behaviour modification and professional installation of hidden fences and containment systems. Head over to our services page for more info on what we do.