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  • Sarah and Beau

    Beau Australian Shepherd

    I can't thank IN2K9 enough for the transformation in our dog Beau. Paul provided us with so much beneficial information into training, the way a dogs mind works, and the way we need to communicate with our dog. Within 10 minutes of being inside Beau stopped jumping on the couches and was relaxing by our feet! What we wanted to achieve from the session was to teach Beau how to walk without pulling and to be able to sit inside and feel like a member of our family. I can honestly say that we got everything we wanted and more from our session and we couldn't be happier! Once Paul had left, Beau's behaviour didn't change and he stayed inside relaxing on his mat while we all sat in the loungeroom. It was so important to us that we could have Beau by our side instead of only seeing him briefly in the backyard and I am so happy and grateful that we can sit and spend time with him. Before today I was certain that his behaviour wouldn't improve, but I have already seen a dramatic change and I know by continuing with the lessons we learnt today Beau is going to have the happiest life he can with us full of love and fun. Thank you Paul for the change you have made to both Beau and our lives!

  • Deborah and Skye

    Skye German Shepherd Dog

    It's been the best thing that I have done for my dog Skye, who was a little nervous of other dogs. Yesterday I went out walking with a few of my friends and their dogs. Skye was so calm even when dogs off lead approached us, I am so impressed with her since doing IN2K9 SuperDOG Classes, feeling really happy and grateful, thank you Paul.



  • Matt and Tobias


    Just wanted to say thank you to IN2K9 on how great your classes were on the weekend. I attended two and they were so informative and my dog and I got so much out of it. Importantly Tobias my dog loved it too. The venue at the School is terrific with fresh water and toilets available. If anyone is thinking of coming along for a look I highly recommend it. 

  • Tim and Ruby


    I just need to say I was so impressed with today's Work Shop. Thank you. We walked in having no idea what we were really in for and feeling nervous but walked out feeling so much more calm and happy with how Ruby was behaving at the end. Walking Ruby has always been a stressful experience but now I feel so confident that I can teach her right from wrong and get her under control. Thanks again Paul. 

  • Sarah and Kayla


    ‘I was somewhat reluctant to call Paul since I had already paid a STUPID amount of money out to BarkBusters for help which was completely a waste of money and time as their help was ineffective. I decided to contact Paul and ask what his fees were – My husband and I were at the point of discussing the idea of having to re-home our gorgeous but VERY noisy & naughty German Shepherd girl and this was something that we DID NOT want to do. 

    After being shocked at how AFFORDABLE Paul’s services were we booked. Paul was very accommodating to getting us booked in as soon as possible. 

    Paul arrived & taught my husband and myself a WEALTH of knowledge about how dogs learn and why we were having the issues that we were. Then came Kayla’s turn… I have NEVER walked her without being pulled in every direction. Within a few moments our very naughty girl was walking beautifully – she was a different dog. 

    I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. He was professional, kind, understanding and really took the time to explain and show us effective ways to control Kayla’s naughtiness. 

    After 4 hours with Paul and knowing we have his 12 months free back up and phone support package, the thought of having to re-home Kayla is no longer open to discussion. At the completion of the session Paul handed over a manual for us to look over and keep and refresh our brains for once he leaves so we don't just forget everything he showed us. Thank you is an understatement, but from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU.

    If anyone is in need of an effective dog behaviourist – Paul from IN2K9 is your guy!'

  • Melanie and Kody


    "I first contacted Paul from IN2K9 back in late 2013 for help with my whippet Kody. Kody was displaying reactive and aggressive behaviour towards other dogs and he constantly pulled on lead when we went out for a walk. Kodys behaviour had become increasingly worse over time and l was always left feeling stressed, frustrated, anxious and upset that l was not enjoying being a dog owner and that his behaviour was stopping us both from attending and participating in various dog social activities and our daily walk. l could not effectively manage Kody’s behaviour and it was time to seek professional help.

    I knew that the services Paul offered and provided were exactly what we needed. I felt very reassured when l spoke with Paul about Kodys behavioural issues and to hear that these issues could be corrected left me feeling hopeful.

    I attended one of Pauls dog bootcamps that weekend with Kody. Instantly l felt at ease with Pauls style of training. Pauls calm and positive manner helped ease any apprehension I was having about the class, he was more than helpful answering and addressing any questions and concerns l had during class. Within that one hour class Paul had shown me how to correct and reward Kody to achieve positive behaviour. Kody was now loose lead walking beside me and he wasn’t displaying any reactive behaviour.

    I left Pauls class that day feeling positive about what myself and Kody had achieved. Having been given the tools and techniques from Paul I was now more confident in my ability to be a better, calmer and more assertive leader for Kody and in turn Kodys energy and behaviour would be better balanced.

    The impact that one class had was our turning point and we have never looked back. I still regularly attend Pauls bootcamp classes with Kody to maintain consistency with training (plus we just really enjoy it!) Kody has excelled in advance recall class and every weekend we attend either a social playdate or activity with other dogs and their owners.

    Pauls at IN2K9 has been a massive support to me. I don't think l would have the bond l have today with Kody without Pauls dedicated professional training and help. I’m always receiving great compliments about Kodys behaviour and I absolutely love being a dog owner now!

    For that I am very grateful and thankful to Paul"

  • Craig and Toby


    Thank you so much for all your help with my big Labrador Toby. He's huge and was very hard to handle. Going to your group class and then having you come to help one on one was by far the best decision of my life.

    You've helped so much and for a dog that previously used to bark at guests and be over excited to a dog that calmly waits on his bed when guests arrive is amazing. I cannot thank you enough!

  • Renee and Asha


    About 2 months ago a 16 month old golden retriever named Asha came into my life. It didn’t take long for me to notice that this beautiful girl had unfortunately not had the best start to life. She had had extremely limited contact with people and was petrified of everything – the stairs, the tiles, any movement within 5 meters of her and any noise above a whisper. Her head was always lowered and her tail between her legs. 

    Despite desperately wanting to provide a loving forever home where she could thrive and become a healthy and happy dog I was really struggling. After two weeks I decided that I needed help. I made contact with Paul and organised what I thought was a training session for Asha. I was feeling positive and looking forward to the “new and improved dog” that Asha would soon become. 

    The big day arrived and Paul spent about 90minutes with us and when he left I felt a little deflated and couldn’t understand why he hadn’t spent much time interacting with Asha and he mostly just talked to me and left a list of 4 things for me to work on with Asha:

    • Pat her under her head


    • Increase her exercise


    • Let her come up to new people when she is ready and have a treat ready for her


    • Put her on her lead and walk her around the house while I do general things


    It wasn’t until a week later that I finally understood what had happened. Paul had actually trained me and given me the confidence to be a strong leader, and in turn I had trained Asha. 

    8 weeks later, I can now happily report that Asha is a very different dog, a happy, healthy and loving girl who just wants to be cuddled. 
    She walks around the house with confidence and her head held high and tail wagging so much it hits the walls. When visitors come over she is intrigued and will come up to them within 5 minutes (if not immediately). Last night she actually greeted someone at the door and was happy to sit with them for pats.
    This week Asha learnt to play - it sounds silly but she didn’t know what to do with toys! Squeaky toys are on top of the most popular list and fetch is her favourite game. Basic commands such as sit and drop have been mastered. We have learnt "come". 

    Paul is very much so our “go to guy” with any questions or problems we come across. Last week I decided to move Asha onto a raw diet and Paul was only too happy to provide advice and detailed information that has made the whole process extremely easy and stress free and by the way Asha could not be happier with her new meals!

    As you can see things are 100% better than where they were and I truly believe that is all down to Paul and the session we spent together! I could not recommend Paul more highly to anyone that has concerns or problems with their dogs.

  • Jo and Chino


    We can't thank you enough for coming to our home to educate us humans on how to integrate the new arrival of our puppy dachshund (Chino) and our adult chihuahua x mini foxy. Thanks for teaching us how to walk them on a lead rather than them walking us. You are the dog whisperer!